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How Does An Electric Skateboard Work: The Full Anatomy

A lot of people wonder about the technology that made electric skateboards a thing nowadays and what’s inside each motorized skateboard that lets you move, ride and enjoy the no-pushing experience with both of your legs on the board.

If you are one of them and are wondering about how electric skateboards work, you should know that they are both simple and complicated, to begin with. Obviously, there are different motorized skateboard models and different places you can buy them from. There are DIY electric skateboard concepts you can also follow and design one on your own – or complete solutions that come as branded products and even offer a year warranty for your satisfaction.

Still, both DIY electric skateboards and motorized eboards for sale have one thing in common….

The electrical motor that makes them move without any force from the skater.

Which according to many, is a mystery. Today, we are unveiling the anatomy of an electric skateboard and showing you how motorized skateboards work in practice.

The Anatomy Of An Electric Skateboard

In order for you to understand how electric skateboards work, it is essential to list all the parts found in one. Generally, every electric motorized skateboard consists of:

  • two pairs of rubber tires, that prevent it from slipping on any terrain
  • high and elastic dampening for a smoother ride
  • dampening blocks on the front and rear wheels that ensure a softer impact on rougher parts
  • a handcrafter board design that is curvy and resembles the look of a longboard (for the best aerodynamics)
  • a lithium battery that is located right next to the rear wheels (facing the front ones)
  • a motor of at least 300watts (for a top speed of around 7mph)
  • sensors that detect weight and prevent the motorized skateboard from running while you are not standing on it
  • a non-slip surface on the board, preventing you from slipping and ensuring a solid grip
  • a charger

Obviously, there are motors that are more powerful and ones that are less powerful in terms of wattage. There is also a charger that usually comes along with the skateboard that is connected to the battery for a full charge.

Moving on, we are talking more about electric skateboards and their actual force provided by the battery and motor in combination.

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How Do Electric Skateboards Work, From Battery To Wheels

The first electric skateboard concepts had wires that were spread at the bottom of the board, all leading to a motor that connects to every wheel. Obviously, this was very inconvenient at the time and definitely dangerous for many riders.

Fast forward to today, electric skateboards are designed to be wireless – with an electric motor that is driven by a lithium battery. Just like the power that goes into your phone and lets it be active for a day, a motorized or electric skateboard is driven by the same lithium battery that lets it run a few miles in range on one charge.

Lithium Batteries As The Main Source Of Power

Now, there are different types of electric skateboard models and therefore, different types of lithium batteries. Some are more powerful and have greater mileage on one charge, while others are short-powered and therefore slower as well. The point is, electric skateboards are wireless and are powered by a battery – which lets you move around the city in an experience that is unlike ever before.

Size also matters when it comes to lithium batteries in electric skateboards. Typically, the larger the battery is – the greater the range for the eboard is on one charge. For example, a large lithium ion battery can get you 20 miles on a single charge – while a standard one may leave you with only 5 to 6 miles with a full 100% charge.

The Function Of The Motor And Sensors

The main function of the electric skateboard is driven from the frames that pivot in the center of it and the sensors that detect weight – included in the wheels. There are also tilt angles, as well as gyroscopes and other sensors that ensure the hoverboard is upright and won’t get you falling down at all.

As long as the feet are flat, the sensors detect their movement and send signals directly to the motor. As you lean forward, the motors receive the signal that you want to move and the motherboard immediately turns on the motors, initiating the movement.

The Quality Of Elements Always Matters

If you are wondering whether there is a standard set of elements used in every electronic skateboard, the answer is no. Just like smartphones, computers and even vehicles, there are different technologies and different elements that have better or worse quality. Usually, the price is a differentiator and the common rule ‘you get what you pay for’ sticks when it comes to finding a good quality electric skateboard.

The main reason for this is simple – reputable brands invest in high-quality batteries from reliable manufacturers that are safe to use and don’t hold a chance of exploding unless there is some major internal or external damage. Plus, the chargers that come into these sets are designed to be charging the electric skateboards only, making them stand out from any other cheap variants.

A Final Word

The bottom line is that nowadays, a great quality electric skateboard is one that comes from a reliable brand and one that uses high quality elements. That being said, any attempt to design your own DIY electric skateboard may result in a failure and loss of time and money.

Even though the electric skateboards today are very futuristic, we expect a lot of novelties in this technology – with even more sensors, features and options allowing for a better movement and a more comfortable ride.

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The Massive Growth Of Electric Skateboards & Why They Are A Thing Now

We’ve all seen ‘Back to the Future’ movie and the idea of a floating skateboard. This cult movie has triggered technology in a positive way, changing the concept of skateboards and introducing us to the first electric skateboard products that are powered by a motor mount.

Even though this new trend might have sounded like a futuristic movie to us a decade ago, it is now real – and it’s spreading to every corner in the world.

How Does An Electric Skateboard Work?

Also known as electric longboard, eboard, kit powered skateboard, battery skateboard, and the most obvious one – electric skateboard – this is a product that functions in a simple way. It has the look and feel of a skateboard, with a little twist.

The motor mount makes it self-moving, and the speed is controlled either by a hand-held throttle or weight-shifting. The direction of the travel is therefore adjusted by tilting the board to one side or the other, allowing the skater to move and take turns.

Just like any piece of technology, the motored skateboard has made transportation different. Even though it was meant to help people move from one place to another, the concept of electric skateboards quickly went viral in its ‘fun’ way – and created a hobby for many thrill seekers out there. Inspired by the similar discoveries such as the electric bicycle (e-bike), the electric car many other things that went electric, the eboard has introduced the world to many new benefits.

The Benefits Of The Electric Skateboard

First and foremost in the list of benefits is the fact that electric skateboards make any commute easier. Since you don’t have to push with one leg and control the board with the other, it is easier than ever to move through the city and just focus on tilting the board to change directions.

Second of all is a benefit that you will definitely agree with – electric skateboards make travel an adventure. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you are going. With an eboard under your feet, every travel is an adventure and the commute is definitely easier than a motorless board. The concept of a motor skateboard is designed for a casual skate session or a morning commute, without sweating you off or increasing the risk of injury.

When it comes to functionality, there is another massive benefit that electric skateboards introduced the world to. Since the only thing that makes them electric is the motor mount found just below the actual board, they still have the practicality and functionality of motorless skateboards, which makes storing them under the desk or attaching them to your backpack as easy as before.

The only downside here may be the weight of the electric motor mount – but we believe no one will complain about that, given the benefit it offers.  Long commutes are actually a thing now, introduced by these motorized skateboards with incredible designs.

Last but not the least is the benefit that makes electric boards (eboards) even better. Unlike the first concepts of electric boards that rose in the 60s and were too noisy for the public, today’s electric skateboards are quiet and can hardly be noticed.

Who Is the Electric Skateboard Concept For?

If you have a (motorless) skateboard, longboard or any type of board, it is easy to imagine yourself riding an electric skateboard. And even if you don’t own a board of any type, electric skateboards are easy to pick up.

This is definitely something that makes them fit for people of all groups, professions and duties. The ease of transportation makes them a great mainstream ‘vehicle’, and the most dominant group that uses them are millennials, entrepreneurs and everyone who wants to enjoy a renaissance of this kind.

Still, electric boards may serve even a greater purpose in the future, where we also might see them as a vehicle used in large factories and information centers for easier and quicker transportation. From kids to parents, we believe that no one would say no to a product of this type, and the adventure that it offers.

Are Electric Skateboards Becoming Mainstream?

The popularity of longboards and skateboards is what drove the trend of electric skateboards to the community. However, the twist here is that with longboarding and skateboarding, one expects an ‘extreme’ sport and in most of the cases, is terrified from it or finds it hard to pick up.

Electric skateboards, on the other hand, provide a smoother ride and come in lots of different shapes and sizes. The only thing that still makes them a bit strange is the price tag, which is slightly larger than standard motorless boards.

Along with the growth of electronic vehicles (e-vehicles), this type of skateboarding also carries a wider perspective of saving the planet. When seen through the eyes of our planet, every single electric skateboard or car or bike promotes a safe and controlled environment without pollution.

For many people, this is what matters most when it comes to this trend – and why it is set to become mainstream over the next couple of years.

A Final Word

In the end, the only thing that electric skateboard riders expect to see in return for this brilliant idea and their promotion of it – is a legislation that will allow them to ride their favorite skateboards across all districts and zones. The push for the legislative change in this direction is present for some time, where the companies innovators in this field are actively trying to promote electric