Roller Skate Shoe Mounting Kit for Plates DIY – Compatible with Vans, Converse and High-Top Sneaker Brands – Design Your Own Roller Skates - Aluminum

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Color: Metal


  • Optimal Solution: Turning your favorite pair of sneakers into cool and practical roller skates is easy and quick with our roller skate insoles! These practical accessories are key to enjoying a unique pair of skates that everyone will envy.
  • Complete Pack: Our pack comes with the roller skate shoe plate, as well as 4 machine screws and matching nuts. The aluminum kit for skates is easy to drill through so you can install them quickly and securely.
  • Excellent Quality: These aluminum inserts for roller skates are made of thick and strong aluminum alloy, a durable and long-lasting material that will pass the test of time. The high-top roller skates provide the support you need during any roller-skating adventure.
  • Pick the Right Size: These aluminum inserts are available in a wide range of sizes suitable for both men and women so anyone can design their own pair of roller skates. Each kit pair fits an specific size and follows the 1/2 shoe size for more inclusivity.
  • Compatibility: This aluminum inserts kit is compatible with a wide range of popular high-top sneakers brands, including Vans and Converse. The screws are a great fit for Vans, without bolt cutting or sewing needed.

Details: Turning your favorite pair of sneakers into practical and safe roller skates may seem impossible but we have the secret: our premium kit! Easy to use and very durable, these metal insert for roller skates allow you to transform your favorite pair of Vans, Converse, or other sneakers into your dream skates. What makes this product special? These metal inserts come with 4 machine screws and nuts that will make the installation process easy and quick. The metal inserts have a heavy-duty design and are made entirely out of aluminum. They come in a wide range of sizes suitable for men and women alike. Some features to keep in mind about our product: DIY roller skate aluminum inserts; Compatible with Vans, Converse, and other high-top sneaker brands; Includes machine screws and nuts; Heavy-duty aluminum alloy; Thick and strong design; No bolt cutting or sewing needed; Can be used with a wide range of drift plates; Heavy-duty design; Easy installation. Turn your favorite pair of high top sneakers into a premium pair of roller skates with our amazing skate inserts!